With the fascination that is taking over the world to make everything smart, IoT is coexistent with every form of technology that is out there. Sirena’s IOT Centre provides a complete studio learning experience that enables its learners to create and implement smart technology. From streaming audio and video wirelessly to automating an entire home, our IoT products are designed around an efficient platform to ensure that that its users end up learning not just IOT but IOE (Internet of Everything)

SKIP-IoT as a Package

Technology: Introduction to real-world advanced technologies with hands-on experience.
Hardware/software: Knowledge about hardware and software integrated systems which explains how real-world products are built.
Design: Introduction to product design cycle – helps visualize the end product.
General Concepts: Enriches learning as students would be able to correlate their respective classroom themes with SKIP-IoT projects.
Skills: Students develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills benefiting their overall personality development while connecting with real-world technologies.

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Wi-Fi Sensor Node

This smart device allows you to install any generic sensor such as IR Sensor, PIR Sensor, Touch Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, SHARP Sensor, Limit Switch, Air Quality Sensors etc. to the cloud directly through inbuilt gateway on the device. Simply configure the device using your android app, connect your sensor, and get live sensor readings over the internet with interactive graphs.

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Energy Monitor

This smart device is an add on to the Wi-fi Sensor Node with Hall Effect Sensor for AC Current measurement. The device will let you monitor live energy consumption for specific devices as well as the entire house over the internet. Interfacing these measurements with your Wi-fi Plug will allow you to even shut devices of high usage when you’re out of house.

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Wi-Fi IR Blaster Node

This smart device will be able to record your existing IR based remotes for devices such as TV, AC, Music System etc. and let you create buttons of your own choice on the App. Once setup, you can control all your house devices with this IR Blaster over the internet or even locally using your phone.

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Face Follower

Extending the Surveillance Camera project, this project will allow the users to program a subset algorithm to track faces using a robotic arm to manipulate the camera. Applications could range from dynamic video chats where the person can be moving the room while on a video call.

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Smart Presentations

With this solution, You will be able to add Voice controls to your presentations as well as control your Display systems with the help of Wi-fi Plug. With software running on your PC in the background, it will be able to launch your presentations, switch between slides and interact with your smart phone too. Moreover, after the presentation you can simply shut down your display device using a voice command.

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Smart Curtains

The control comes as a smart solution to most commonly found drapes, blinds and curtains. Adding IoT to the blinds will allow the user to control the blinds automatically using voice commands or their smart phones. The users can also configure the timings for automatic drawings based on local sunrise and sunset. Connecting with smart Wi-fi plugs and energy monitor, this can save unnecessary electricity wasted on lights.

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Surveillance Camera

With the surveillance camera, you can install a webcam on the Sirena EVK based EVK. On configuration with your app, you can automatically view the feed locally on the network for your robots or simply view the feed over the internet on your phone. The device will also let you watch the feed on your PC for extended applications such as Computer vision/Image processing etc.

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Automatic Plant Watering System

This project displays and amalgamation of Wi-fi Plug and Wi-fi Sensor Node in one project. The project will consist of a soil moisture sensor along with a water flow meter and a solenoid valve. The entire system will be separately maintaining each potted plant.

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Wi-Fi Plug

This smart device allows you to control your in-house devices such as TV, Lamps, AC, etc. with one click over your Sirena Smart IoT Plug App. The device is an add-on to your standard power outlets and comes with universal adapters for zero installation hassles. Simply plug-in the device, install the app and control your devices through internet or even without internet if you’re on your home wi-fi. The device would allow users to accurately measure power each unit is consuming in the homes.