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Sirena Technologies was formed with a purpose to bring innovative world-class products to the market; designed and developed in India, leveraging global ecosystem. The company focuses on products for education, entertainment, and smart homes through disruptive technologies and aims at transforming education and consumer electronics markets – with strategic focus on price sensitive markets. Sirena’s completely home grown Robotic-Platform, brings unique value proposition for the technical institutions & schools providing them an opportunity to do research, learn & contribute.

Great people...Creative workplace...Cool culture

While our affordable Humanoids and our supporting ecosystem would propel imagination, curiosity, and learning to new dimensions; our consumer electronic (CE) products would make your homes and lives smarter.

We are an emerging and most sought after start-up based out of Bangalore. We are a young, creative, and rapidly growing team from several disciplines – Mechatronics, Control Systems, Electronics, Software, Designers, and Animators.

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Interested in our Products?

If you are interested in Humanoid-Robots. If any of our electronic products excite you. If you want to possess any of our products do contact us, and we will send you an invitation to our launch.

Want to partner with us?

If our aspiration fits your area of work – be it education or research or even entertainment, and want to know more about our products and their ecosystem, reach us and we will be delighted to offer you ways in which we can partner or collaborate.

Want to join us?

If you are excited and want to be possessed with our work on robotics and electronics, send your CV and a portfolio to As we continue to hire new positions, you may just be the person we are looking for!

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