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People go to schools, then to engineering institutes and eventually go to work in Technology companies. That’s good, except that it’s a linear system and there’s absolutely no feedback going into the schools back from the Technology industry – simply because there’s nobody taking that knowledge back to the schools.
Sirena Technologies products and solutions are developed to precisely address that – essentially bridging the gap between schools and Technology industry. Sirena intends to achieve that through it’s innovative program ‘Sirena Knowledge and Information Program’ (SKIP), which is designed to offer Robotics learning in schools.

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At Sirena Technologies, we believe ‘Engineering is an art when it’s learnt right’ and that’s precisely what we are trying to achieve by teaching it right. Students need not really wait until they are 22 years old to complete engineering to know Technology and work on them. If kids see humanoids and robots in schools and grow up with them, they would perhaps go on to create better technologies eventually as they would be ahead of the learning curve.

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We are an emerging and most sought after start-up based out of Bangalore. We are a young, creative, and rapidly growing team from several disciplines – Mechatronics, Control Systems, Electronics, Software, Designers, and Animators.

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