Technology in Education

Can Technology disrupt the established learning structure and experience? – our Robots are here… we will help setup Robotic Labs at schools and technical institutes at really low budgets and support right through!

Robotic labs will be supported through customised content to maximise the interaction and the necessary hardware and software to play around with the Robot and the tools enabling quality learning experience.

Sirena Technologies will support right through setting up the Robotics Lab to actual Design & Development - hardware as well as software.

Our soon to launch platform will allow students to explore and contribute to Robotics in a grand scale – never imagined before!

Sirena Technologies will be the Robotics ecosystem to custom create experiences, develop and expand as per needs in schools and other institutions.

Imagine Robots in school as a medium of Education. Imagine a Humanoid-Robot as a buddy or instructor or a teaching assistant. A Humanoid-Robot you can interact with, and a Robot that is sensible, intelligent, knowledgeable, and a delight. A thing so new, fresh, and thrilling, that makes learning experience exciting!


Having done so much, would you not want a Robot of your own? Of course Yes!

Is that possible? Are Humanoid-Robots even affordable?

Sirena Technologies is inching closer day-by-day to deliver this dream!

Robotics requires dedicated and continuous research!

We are contributing directly to Robotics research in a way which was never imagined before. We are building a platform for advanced Robotics that would enable institutions, groups or even individuals to base their experiments and research on, a platform that combines advanced hardware and software capabilities. A dream for anyone researching in Robotics!

If any of this is what you have been waiting for,connect with us!