Sirena Technologies strive to bridge gap exists between industry and engineering education sector with SKIP – E, our tailor-made course, that is intended to meet the ever-growing demands and challenges of technical education. Ever since its inception, the ultimate objective of SKIP – E has been to empower engineering students and graduates with the right skill-set and mindset so that they are ‘industry-ready’. The program has been designed with a purpose to foster curiosity amongst engineering students & graduates, and to revolutionize the education sector. We plan to achieve this by providing them with the right exposure, advanced technical skills and state of the art resources.

SKIP-E as a Package

Sirena Robotics and IoT facility, which is a part of SKIP – E, is fully setup, managed and delivered by Sirena Technologies. This customized program facilitates students to develop technical expertise in the areas of Mechatronics, Robotics, Humanoids, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Voice Recognition, Computer Vision etc..

Technology: Introduction to real-world advanced technologies with hands-on experience.
Hardware/software: Knowledge about hardware and software integrated systems which explains how real-world products are built.
Design: Introduction to product design cycle – helps visualize the end product.
General Concepts: Robotics has a strong presence in every domain, and at the least, acquaintance of this skill is indispensable.
Skills: Students develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills benefiting their overall personality development while connecting with real-world technologies.

Sirenatechnologies, SKIP-E, SKIP-IoT, BootCamp

Sirena Robotic ARM

  • Modeling and assembly of the ARM
  • Pick and place operation
  • Object sorting
  • Precision writing and tracing
Sirenatechnologies, SKIP-E, SKIP-IoT, BootCamp

Sirena Perro

  • Design and Assembly of the robots
  • Implementation of linear and non-linear walking algorithms
  • Wireless Control with voice assistance
  • Wireless audio streaming
  • Developing user friendly platform for interaction
Sirenatechnologies, SKIP-E, SKIP-IoT, BootCamp

Sirena Drone

  • Design and Assembly of Quadcopter
  • Wireless control
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Implementation of stability algorithms
  • Localization and GPS based navigation
Sirenatechnologies, SKIP-E, SKIP-IoT, BootCamp

Sirena Quadruped

  • Design and Assembly of the robots
  • Wireless video streaming
  • Implementation of algorithms for static & dynamic obstacle avoidance
  • Implementation of algorithm for autonomous navigation