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Seven Day Weekend Culture

Work life? personal life? what’s that! It’s just ‘life’, live it!

We believe in flat organisational structure with almost zero HR policy and bureaucracy. People come to office because they want to, not because they have to. Our employees relish a Seven Day Weekend culture, where they get to play football, badminton, table tennis, cricket, learn Salsa and watch their favourite movies on weekdays or whenever they want.

“There were several weekdays when we have watched movies, played every game, danced and then there have been several weekends when we worked hard to get our product releases done. We enjoy working hard and getting our products done as much as we enjoy playing & dancing” our employees say. If you love what you do all days become weekends.

We hire selected set of freshers, guide them to take larger responsibilities in a manner that would be life-changing for each of the new hires, ensuring that every new hire plays a significant role in taking the organisation to the next level.

You have heard about Robots, humanoids, and you have seen them in movies, join us to actually create them.

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