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Ship sets sail, full throttle now.

It has been two years since the ship set its sail. It was the usual party that Jack Sparrow would pick, but more unusual ones on the way, in the sea! The ship was also built in the sea as we sailed along!

“Where were we sailing? Where to? How big was the ship? A ship that had no anchor!”

Sirena started as a humanoid Robotics company from India, which continues to be its main endeavor. In a sea of technology, that is accessible to all, what new, useful and exciting could we offer? Using the same tech solution on which NINO (Sirena’s flagship robot) is built, could provide music solutions for homes. Yes! The ship set its sail. We have, not one, but a range of speakers – Chorals – ready for pre-order! The team has since grown in tens, some reaching out to catch the sharks or dolphins, some building the decks, some test firing the guns – the flag is hoisted and ship is moving on.

What went into making Choral a classy desirable product?
The design team ensured, with several iterations, samples, rejections – that the best product lands in the hands of the user. Care was taken in choice of material, its texture and colors. The placement of the logo, its size. The package was designed and proto-typed. What to include or not in the box. How best could we make the buyer, the user, feel that they have indeed chosen wisely? It would be half baked if the presentation did not do justice to the real product. It would be unfair to glorify something that was not. Design team ensured users can truly feel the class of the product in the visual language, imagery and photography – ensure that you get to feel the product, in a true sense!

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