Sirena Knowledge and Information Program (SKIP)

‘Nino’ works seamlessly with a teacher as an assistant to augment the quality of learning in classrooms. Nino is a humanoid that can talk, walk, dance, sing, play and work wonders with its inherently built intelligence.
Nino is the only humanoid available in the market that is completely customized to meet the needs of the K-12 segment of mainstream schools and educational institutions with a strategic focus kept on price-sensitivity.

Primary level (Kindergarten to Grade 5)
Nino has a set of developmentally appropriate, hands-on, experiential and interactive activities, stories, poems and projects that can be used to introduce, strengthen, summarize and assess each and every concept that a teacher covers in her classroom. On one hand, Nino acts as an assistant-teacher and on the other, it works with the child as a buddy. Nino thrives on the philosophy of Thematic-based Learning, Differentiated Instruction and Multiple-Intelligence Model and covers all core subjects.

Higher grades
Nino aims at exposing students to hands-on programming experience and help them in using robotics to innovate and solve problems prevalent in society. In addition, it covers mathematical concepts and scientific experiments that may be a little complex for teachers to demonstrate in ordinary classroom situations. It also builds on language concepts.

Sirena Technologies offers end-to-end solution to schools for robotics through SKIP package - Allow Sirena to manage everything for you!

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