Sirena Knowledge and Information Program (SKIP)

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Sirena Knowledge & Information Program (SKIP) is a unique comprehensive learning package for students which involves robotic concepts, content and hands on experience with robots.
We aim at introducing students to Real ‘Robotics and Technology’ world early in their classes through SKIP, while keeping creativity as the core theme.The program provides access to real humanoid robots to students which would enrich their knowledge and help build curiosity for further learning.

SKIP-Inception is designed to create awareness and support learning about technology at early years for students. The program exposes students to the robotics world through Nino, the humanoid robot, and the content delivered by Nino which is aligned with the curriculum.

SKIP – inquiry provides the most comprehensive robotic package for students that involves hands-on exercises which are crafted using real humanoids, robotic components and tools to generate interest and knowledge in technology and build curiosity for further learning.

SKIP As a Package

Technology: Introduction to real world advanced technologies with hands-on experience.
Hardware/software:Knowledge about hardware and software integrated systems which explains how real world products are built.
Design:Introduction to product design cycle – helps visualize the end product.
Academics:Enriches learning school curriculum as students would be able to correlate their respective classroom themes with SKIP projects.
Skills: Students develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills benefiting their overall personality development, while connecting with real world technologies.

Sirena Robotics labs are fully set up, managed and operated by Sirena Technologies.

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