On Paper | Making of Sirena Brochure

Sirena Brochure had a whole set of requirements, a lot of text and almost everything that Sirena Technologies does. The brochure had to churn out an attractive design keeping in place all requirements. This process was a trip in itself. This post shares the nuances of a real world design process.


The brief consisted of a lot of text descriptions of products and offerings of Sirena. A lot of bullets and single lines, short paragraphs. The structure of text was upto two levels of sub bullets.

Design process

We first started with fixing a design template – two fold or three fold? out of A3 or A4? straight cut or silhouette cut? fold variations with discussions and review of the text, we arrived at key things the design must do. Bot is the hero while IoT Products and rest of Sirena activities are second. This translated to choice of images, and restructuring of the text. Rest of the iterative process was finding the right visual balance, interest and emphasis on elements on each page and fold.

Design iterations

We cannot get the best out without design iterations. Every element in the brochure had to be precise and polished hence, we played with compositions, layouts, colours, fonts and images to get the best output. The challenge was always the perceived “hard line” requirements.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

All set, yet we’re not happy :(

Though everything was in place, still something felt missing. It was difficult to point out what was the brochure devoid of. Later we realised that everything in the design is even which has created monotony. Now, it time to break the uniformity and think differently.

Version 4

Make it large | a before-after exercise

Time to break free! We took the liberty to “de-emphasise” some content, and give more importance to the pictorial illustrations, because any day… Pictures speak louder than words! And yes this simple technique worked very well for us.

Version 5

To sum it up

We started with a religious brief, gathering all the information and putting them together, giving the plain text a hierarchy and visual appeal. In the process we played around with placements, positions, pictures and perspective and settled to something homogeneous, and then came the final fresh look, something that is simple yet attractive, comprehensive yet not cluttered – Bang Bang – Design is ready.