NiNo – In Action

Sirena Robotic lab in UP

First Robotic lab with humanoids in India - we continue to install them in schools! Future of education!

Sirena Robotics Lab for Schools

Bridging the gap between real world technology and education

Sirena Robotic Lab - KRM expo

Robotic Lab at Schools - first of it's kind in the world!

Nino - group dance

They are learning to dance in a group...

Nino - Assembly

This is how we assemble Ninos...

Sirena Robotic Bootcamp

It was a great bootcamp in Chennai. The feedback from kids and parents have been overwhelming. Can't wait to get all this out to every kid, eventually...

NiNo - A Story Teller

Nino telling a story to kids !!!

Creating Action for Nino

Kids can program, configure and do real robotic projects!

Nino - preparing for dance battle

Nino-003 and Nino-004 dancing in sync...

Nino-003 and Nino-004 trying to tell a story together

As they learning to communicate and narrate...

Nino and Kids

Nino engaging students!

Sirena Robotic Arm

Preparing for schools - kids would love building it and creating different applications!!!

NiNo - In Event

Recently co-hosting a show !!!

NiNo - Walking around, Falling around

Learning to get up on its own!!!

NiNos - Talking about Hampi

Learning about the places around, and talking about it!!!

NiNo- Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year !!!

NiNo - In News

Nino on Television !!!

NiNo at IGE 2016

Sirena Technologies at India Gadgetz Expo

NiNo -001 & NiNo -002

Synchronized dancing - just the beginning of the journey!!!


NiNo balancing itself - the algorithm is coming together!!!

Nino - Talking to the World

NiNo: I'm ready to explore the world & have some fun!!!

NiNo - Introduction

While our NiNo is actually getting built, our NiNo is elegantly animated in this video!!!

Merry Christmas

Our Robotic Arm!!!

Sirena Humanoids - T1

Our first development platform/prototypes in action!!!