NiNo – In Action

Sirena Technologies - summarising the year!

A great Year for us!!!

Sirena Perro

Our Dog is walking now!

IIT Roorkee

Nino at Cognizance, IIT Roorkee

IIT Kanpur & IIT Delhi!!!

Nino at IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur shows - 2018

DPS, Muzaffarnagar

Nino at DPS

IIT, Chennai!!!

Nino at Shaastra, IIT Madras

IIT, Bombay!!!

Nino at IIT Bombay Techfest!

Happy New Year!!!

Nino wishing happy new year - 2018

Merry Christmas

Wishes from Nino on Christmas

Nino showing off his features

Nino can now do a lot of things - hear, respond, interact, see, identify, relate, learn amongst bunch of other features.

Our International Interns 2017 - part 2

we get to work with all these awesome people!

Just another day at office

Guys at work just keep building such robots randomly - totally unplanned activities, but then we love it!

Our International Interns - part 1

We've had some amazing engineers come over from around the world and work with us over the last couple of years. They are talking about their experience working at Sirena in this video.

Nino - Mumbai Bootcamp

Kids loved it

Nino falls

Nino learns to protect himself during falls...

Ryan International School students meet Nino

A lot of learning and fun!

When they got together... happy Diwali!!! let's dance for Jimikki Kammal

Nino bots dancing for jimikki kammal

Sirena Robotics lab at MD International

Launched and people love it at the school!!!

SKIP in Schools

Sirena Knowledge and Information Program - Robotic labs in schools

Sirena Robotic lab in UP

First Robotic lab with humanoids in India - we continue to install them in schools! Future of education!

Sirena Robotics Lab for Schools

Bridging the gap between real world technology and education

Sirena Robotic Lab - KRM expo

Robotic Lab at Schools - first of it's kind in the world!

Nino - group dance

They are learning to dance in a group...

Nino - Assembly

This is how we assemble Ninos...

Sirena Robotic Bootcamp

It was a great bootcamp in Chennai. The feedback from kids and parents have been overwhelming. Can't wait to get all this out to every kid, eventually...

NiNo - A Story Teller

Nino telling a story to kids !!!

Creating Action for Nino

Kids can program, configure and do real robotic projects!

Nino - preparing for dance battle

Nino-003 and Nino-004 dancing in sync...

Nino-003 and Nino-004 trying to tell a story together

As they learning to communicate and narrate...

Nino and Kids

Nino engaging students!

Sirena Robotic Arm

Preparing for schools - kids would love building it and creating different applications!!!

NiNo - In Event

Recently co-hosting a show !!!

NiNo - Walking around, Falling around

Learning to get up on its own!!!

NiNos - Talking about Hampi

Learning about the places around, and talking about it!!!

NiNo- Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year !!!

NiNo - In News

Nino on Television !!!

NiNo at IGE 2016

Sirena Technologies at India Gadgetz Expo

NiNo -001 & NiNo -002

Synchronized dancing - just the beginning of the journey!!!


NiNo balancing itself - the algorithm is coming together!!!

Nino - Talking to the World

NiNo: I'm ready to explore the world & have some fun!!!

NiNo - Introduction

While our NiNo is actually getting built, our NiNo is elegantly animated in this video!!!

Merry Christmas

Our Robotic Arm!!!

Sirena Humanoids - T1

Our first development platform/prototypes in action!!!