Humanoid Robots going mainstream - we are making it happen!

If every kid out there gets a chance (access) to play & learn with Humanoid Robots, then perhaps they would grow up and create a much better world through better technologies. Sirena Technologies has made the most affordable & feature rich (and yet simple) Humanoid Robots in the world focussed on improving education through collaboration with Schools, while focusing heavily on school curriculum and content. Check Education-SKIP section for details.

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Every kid in the world deserves his own Robot – to play, to learn. Sirena Knowledge and Information Program (SKIP)  for schools help them to achieve their dream!

Sirena is the…

…first company in the world to make Humanoids affordable – making Robots mainstream.
…first company in the history of technology to build a complete humanoid robot out of India (100% design, development and manufacturing done in India – 100% made in India).
…first company in the world to engage schools to educate kids on Humanoids & Robotic technologies through a comprehensive ecosystem and with the SKIP package.

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