Lights. Camera. Nino.

We here at Sirena Tech are building a robo-boy named NINO, with capabilities that can surpass your imagination of having a companion for yourself, changing the Education system and human perception of technology and innovation altogether.

A boundless process driven by our extremely talented team, every moment here is memorable. Capturing all the moments and putting them together is lot of fun. Moreover, these also show how Nino has grown in time and how we are growing with him!

Now, let me take you through the journey where Nino is evolving and learning new things.

My job was to introduce Nino to the world through a video. At first, we tried to show the preliminary structure of Nino expressing himself through his body moments. How cool would it be to see two Ninos interacting? The idea popped up and we made a story out of all the actions Nino could do – with two Ninos. The shoot lasted for a whole day; Nino was a little camera conscious! Our engineers came into picture, held Nino tight and taught him how to act. At the end, both the Ninos were completely exhausted and start crying “low battery”, by then everything was in place and the outcome is here.

This is not where we stopped. Nino’s potential is enormous. We wanted the world to see Nino the way we visualize him. The best way to bring this out was through a 3D rendered video which brings the form and features of Nino in an innovative way. Nino is still evolving, the struggle for us was in deciding what set of features to show explicitly, because many of them were under the tagline “Subject to change!” After a rounds of discussions, we picked the most important features and made the video. We faced a few technical challenges here and there, but the output was something we liked.

Currently, Nino is getting ready to explore the world and have some fun. This video is our Nino’s first appearance in the world. He is no more camera conscious! I must say, he loves the lime light! He can sing, dance and entertain us all. He is here to be your friend.

The fairy tale Begins!!