Knowing Sirena – Week by Week!

Learning at Sirena:

I started my first week at Sirena by collecting information and understanding about our humanoid NINO. In this journey, I learnt about other Japanese humanoid Bots, collected information about their advanced technologies, also learnt about the reinforcement system used for humanoids. Some of the papers were in Japanese which I translated in English and read. Robotics was new to me so it was very interesting to understand the mechanism and control system of robots.

In the second week, I designed the foot of the Humanoid by 3D CAD Inverter. My colleagues helped me to learn and work on this tool efficiently.I started collecting information about gear and gear-box in my third week. It was necessary to know how a gear-box is built so I took some other company’s gear-box, dismantled it into pieces and learnt how it works.Now, it was the last week of my internship at Sirena. I designed the gear which was used for the gearboxes which played role in the joints of the humanoid. The calculation procedure and design was complicated and wasn’t easy to be understood by others, as i struggled with my English. I realized that i should learn to communicate better in English.

Here, at Sirena, I met with lot of kind-hearten people and also worked with interns form other countries.


I got a chance to live with other interns in the same dormitory, which was well furnished and was located at the center of the city and near to the supermarkets.


In one word  Sirena means FREEDOM. There is no work hours to follow here, so i was able to manage my time according to my convenience. Breakfast and dinner were provided by the office whereas we were free to use juices, coffees and other snacks 24*7.

There were several activities organised by office like yoga sessions, Salsa classes, table tennis etc. which helped me to relax and concentrate well. I am still practicing Yoga in Japan.

I also got a chance to attend an Indian wedding ceremony with my colleagues. I experienced the real Indian food there. Indian food is eaten by hand. Most of the people i met here were vegetarians, its reported that 20-40 % of India’s population is vegetarian. I found lamb and chicken as main non-vegetarian dishes.

Really appreciate for giving me the precious experience at Sirena Technologies,Thanks to everyone I met in India!

See you next time!